WW-P North Student Recounts Experience of Attending Young Women's Leadership Summit_July 2016

Brooke Rosenberg attends Young Women's Leadership Summit, RNC Convention

Young Women’s Leadership Summit in Cleveland, Ohio on July 19, 2016

By: Brooke Rosenberg


When I arrived at the Young Women’s Leadership Summit in Cleveland, Ohio on July 19, 2016, I came with mixed emotions. But after hearing from some of the women who spoke, I became very fascinated and learned a lot about the power of self-confidence. 


There were about 40 teens from around the nation, some locals from Ohio and some whose families went to Cleveland for the Republican National Convention. There were about 10 women leaders from around the country, one started a company, one works for Google, one has a radio talk show, and some are working in the government as senators, a speaker of the House of Representatives and in other positions.


 One of the speakers, Kellyanne Conway, is a founder, president, and CEO of a polling company called Woman Trend. She talked about some of her experiences. 


Her company provides commentary for over 1,300 TV shows and works with Sean Hannity from Fox News. When she was in college, she started a Republican Club while one of her friends started a Democrat Club. By having a friend on the other side she was able to have some lively debates which helped make the clubs become very popular in the school.  


Conway explained how internships and apprenticeships are important because they give you opportunities to help advance your career and work with talented people. She taught me that less is more, to work hard, and avoid topics I don’t know about in conversations; don’t always be available, be aware, make myself reliable, and many more tips on how to be professional. 


I thought this quote from Conway was helpful, “When in doubt, say a line from your favorite movie”, which can help when you can’t come up with the right words on your own. 


Christina Hagan was elected to the Ohio General Assembly. She started her first campaign when she was 19-years-old. She worked really hard, but didn’t win the election (but by) following her beliefs and having faith, she eventually went on to become a congresswoman in the House of Representatives. Her experiences taught me to have faith, “create a clear choice direction when making decisions”, never stop trying to get support; don’t put a lot of pressure on yourself, and stand strong in what you believe in, no matter how many people put you down for it. 


Even though many people tried to put her down, she continued with her campaign. I found this very inspiring. She held her head up high and continued to follow her passion; not many people can mentally do that!


Another amazing speaker, Tracey Winbush, taught me a lot about being an American youth in today’s world. She is a host of a radio talk show, the treasurer of the 32nd Ohio senate district, an elected member of the Ohio Republican Central and Executive Committee, and the first black woman to serve on Mahoning County Board of Elections. 


She explained that as my generation is coming into the world of politics, her generation needs to set a better political future for us, so we can make a better future for America. Mrs. Winbush said that “if you don’t like something, only you can change it.”


“You’ve got to communicate. You’ve got to get involved,” she said. 


She taught me that losing can be a win, that I need to educate myself because without education, I can get manipulated by other people’s opinions , and that I should always be myself. 


All of the women speakers taught me many important lessons — I should to be passionate about what I do, and not be afraid to lose. I learned about the importance of education, and that I should express my opinion to others. 


I am grateful to have had this opportunity to able to spend a day hearing to so many great women leaders from around the country telling their life stories. It was truly inspirational and enlightening. Their stories taught me many skills that will be invaluable in my future.



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