Trump Talker for September 3rd

Trump Campaign Addresses Clinton FBI Investigation; Visits Detroit, Mexico to Discuss Jobs, Immigration




Newest Discoveries In FBI Interview Notes


The new release of notes from the FBI’s interrogation of Hillary Clinton proves that she has lied to Congress, FBI and the American people.


These FBI documents make it crystal clear that Hillary Clinton is DISQUALIFIED from becoming President.


Top Discoveries In The FBI Interview Notes:


  • Clinton wiped her private email archive “a few weeks after  The New York Times disclosed” the private server.
  • Clinton did not know the (c) mark meant classified and did not “pay attention to diff classification levels.”
  • There were 17,448 work-related emails that Clinton didn't turn over to the State Inspector General.
  • Clinton claimed that she could not recall "any briefing or training" related to Federal records, but she signed a binding Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement stating the opposite. 
  • As Secretary Of State Clinton “had 13 mobile devices and 5 iPads” with her private email.
  • Hillary Clinton sent an email to all State employees warning them against using personal email addresses.
  • Clinton was the subject of a number of phishing attacks, even opening one email that “contained a potentially malicious link.”
  • Clinton never sought approval to conduct State business on her own private email server despite ‘an obligation to do so.’
  • Despite being personally aware of the risk for cybersecurity threats when abroad, Clinton emailed President Obama while in foreign countries.

Mr. Trump’s Visit To Detroit


  • Mr. Trump is continuing his outreach to African American voters as he visits Detroit to listen to the issues, concerns and hopes of African Americans.
  • Mr. Trump wants to hear from African Americans firsthand on how he can best serve them once elected President.
  • Mr. Trump will be visiting with Bishop Wayne T. Jackson and his parishioners at Great Faith Ministries.
  • The Clinton – Obama economy has failed the African American community, just like it has failed all Americans.
  • The poverty rate among African Americans is over 26% while unemployment among African Americans is double that of white people in this country.



  • The latest jobs report is  DEPRESSING and WEAK. 
  • This report highlights the stagnant Obama - Clinton economy that has left millions of Americans behind.
  • The 151,000 jobs added was woefully below the expectations of 180,000, a shortfall of over 16%. There is also a steep, over 40%, decline since last month’s 255,000 jobs added.
  • The labor force participation remains stuck at 62.8% the lowest it has been since the 1970s.
  • Manufacturing lost another 14,000 jobs.
  • Obama - Clinton Po‎licies have resulted in the weakest economy recovery, if we can call it that, on record. No 3% GDP growth under Obama - Clinton Presidency
  • Donald J. Trump will ensure growth in all sectors, return of jobs to America and a true restoration of ‎the American dream.


Mr. Trump’s Presidential Trip To Mexico


  • Wednesday was a historic day as Mr. Trump rose above the political rhetoric and spin by showing true leadership. Mr. Trump proved that true diplomacy and solutions can be achieved by being agile and working together with our counterparts.
  • Many of the same challenges that plague America also plague Mexico.  These issues include drugs, trade and illegal immigration.  Mr. Trump and President Pena Nieto reached significant cohesion on the need to tackle the need for a barrier, improve NAFTA and dismantle the drug cartels.
  • This was a decisive and presidential move by Mr. Trump as he’s surging in the polls - Americans see him as a person ready to lead our country.
  • This trip further illustrated Mr. Trump's steadfast position since he became a candidate for President – he respects Mexico and her people while being focused on making sure America, her people, borders and jobs, are secure.
  • It is only the liberal left and media that continue to twist Mr. Trump's message, they are paranoid that Mr. Trump's polls are skyrocketing while Hillary Clinton's campaign is a tired free falling failure.


It is absolutely remarkable on just how many fronts President Peña Nieto and Mr. Trump agreed on, including:


  • Both leaders view illegal immigration as a problem that has to be stopped.
  • Protecting borders is a sovereign right of both countries.
  • NAFTA needs to be modernized and both countries can benefit by working together.
  • The flow of drugs must be stopped.
  • Human trafficking is a humanitarian crisis and we must end it immediately.


Mr. Trump’s Powerful Immigration Speech

  • Mr. Trump laid out a thorough 10-point plan to end illegal immigration.
  • The key points of these plan include the implementation of the wall along the Southern border, end the catch and release program, and a tripling of ICE agents.
  • These steps will get rid of the criminal offenders who are in our country illegally and stands in contrast to the 100-day open borders amnesty plan Clinton is proposing, an expansion of the executive amnesty Obama enacted and a weakening of immigration enforcement.


Trump’s 10-Point Plan To End Illegal Immigration


  1. We will build a wall along the southern border.
  2. End catch-and-release.
  3. Zero tolerance for criminal aliens, with a tripling of ICE agents.
  4. Block funding for sanctuary cities.
  5. Cancel unconstitutional executive orders & enforce all immigration laws.
  6. We are going to suspend the issuance of visas to any place where adequate screening cannot occur.
  7. We will ensure that other countries take their people back when we order them deported.
  8. We will finally complete the biometric entry-exit visa tracking system.
  9. We will turn off the jobs and benefits magnet.
  10. We will reform legal immigration to serve the best interests of America and its workers.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Under Trump's plan, what kind of waiting period would people who want to get in line for legal status face?


A: Illegal immigrants who want to have legal status need to leave the country and apply for legal status under the new legal immigration system and caps proposed.

Q: Would they be eligible for any waivers? Face the 3 or 10 year bans on entry? And what kinds of visas would they be eligible to enter on?


A: Illegal immigrants who want to have legal status need to leave the country and apply for legal status under the new legal immigration system and caps proposed.

Q: What about temporary worker visas for industries like farming? Are those under consideration?


A: There are already such visas under current law. 700,000 guest workers are brought in every single year.


Q: What is Mr. Trump planning on doing about the 11 million illegal immigrants already here?


A: Mr. Trump’s primary focus will be on making life better for Americans. Only the media thinks the 11 million is the main issue. The needs of illegal immigrants is not the priority.  A number of the 11 million -- criminals, public charges, visa violators -- will be quickly removed. Some will seek to apply from their home countries.  


Any decisions about those who remain after the full plan is implemented will be made after enforcement of the above points has been achieved successfully and illegal immigration a memory of the past.


Clinton Family Use Taxpayer Funds To Subsidize The Clinton Foundation


  •  New revelations show that to date the Clintons have taken $16 million in taxpayer funds from The Former Presidents Act, which they have used to fund their lavish lifestyle and subsidize the Clinton's illegal home-brew server.
  • Bill Clinton has taken more of taxpayers' money than any other former President in history.
  • These exorbitant amounts have paid for the salaries of Clinton Foundation staffers, for furniture, and other inappropriate expenses.
  • As multimillionaires, why are Bill and Hillary Clinton using taxpayer funds to subsidize their $2 billion slush fund that continues to take multimillion dollar donations from foreign governments and corporations.
  • The Clintons have been good at one thing, making money for themselves and cheating the American people.
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