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RNC Research is out with “More Clinton Foundation Complications” highlighting how at the Clinton Foundation meeting today some less than savory characters from the Clinton’s past will be present.


Democrats play obstructionist on spending bill, raising the risk of a shutdown. Reuters reports: Congressional Democrats objected on Wednesday to controversial financial and political campaign provisions tucked into a $1.1 trillion U.S. spending bill, keeping the risk of a government shutdown alive. The complaints from House of Representatives Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and other top Democrats clouded the chances for passage of the funding bill as a midnight Thursday deadline drew near.


Record 58 percent would repeal ObamaCare, according to  the latest Fox News poll. Fox News reports: Few American voters feel their family is better off under ObamaCare, and a record number would repeal the law if they could. In addition, if comments by one of the health care law’s authors about lying to “stupid” Americans are true, over half of voters think President Obama or other administration officials are responsible for that deception. These are just some of the findings from a Fox News poll released Wednesday.


Delays plague Hillary Clinton's State Department files. The AP reports: The State Department has failed to turn over government documents covering Hillary Rodham Clinton's tenure as secretary of state that The Associated Press and others requested under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act ahead of her presumptive presidential campaign. They include one request AP made four years ago and others pending for more than one year. The agency already has missed deadlines it set for itself to turn over the material. The State Department denied the AP's requests, and rejected the AP's subsequent appeals, to release the records sought quickly under a provision in the law reserved for journalists requesting federal records about especially newsworthy topics.


Women flood the ranks of GOP. The Hill reports: Republicans believe they had a breakthrough year with female candidates, electing several with unimpeachable resumes to Congress in 2014 The GOP will send Capitol Hill its youngest-ever woman, 30-year-old Rep.-elect Elise Stefanik (N.Y.); its first black female Republican, Rep.-elect Mia Love (Utah); and the first female Republican senators from two states, Shelley Moore Capito (W.Va.) and Joni Ernst (Iowa), who is also the first female combat veteran to be elected to the chamber.


A new wave of young Republicans are set to take office. Yahoo! News reports: A new wave of diverse leaders in the GOP, hoping to inspire the millennial vote for a Republican presidential win in 2016, traditionally favored by democrats.


GOP to bring up bill blocking Obama immigration action. Roll Call reports: House Republicans announced their intention Wednesday to vote on an amendment — in January, when the new Congress is sworn in — that would block the president’s executive action on immigration.


Governors 2016: Republicans to make further gains. Sabato’s Crystal Ball reports: After state-level wipeouts in gubernatorial and state legislative races in both 2010 and 2014, Democrats are vowing to redouble their efforts in these contests in the upcoming election cycle. But the small number of governorships that will be contested over the next two years gives them few opportunities to cut into the Republicans’ big edge in state governorships, and the GOP has more credible targets this cycle, at least on paper.


Democrats would have to have an extraordinary election in 2016 to take back the Senate. Sabato’s Crystal Ball reports: But because the Democrats need to net four or five seats to take control, depending on the party of the next vice president, the Democrats’ opening odds to win the majority are significantly less than 50-50. In order to capture the Senate, Democrats will have to put some currently leaning or likely Republican seats in play, along with winning their own seats and the three GOP-held Toss-ups. That’s certainly possible, but the GOP starts with a clear edge as the cycle begins.


According to PPP Sen. Burr and Gov. McCrory start the 2016 cycle in the lead. PPP finds: PPP's first full blown poll of the 2016 election cycle in North Carolina finds both Richard Burr and Pat McCrory with modest leads over their potential Democratic opponents.


Pew poll: Support for gun rights exceeds gun control. Politico reports: In a Pew Research poll released Wednesday, 52 percent are in support of the protection of gun rights and 46 percent support gun control. This is the first time in two decades that Pew has found more support for gun rights than gun control. Backing for gun rights has been on the rise since January 2013.




@GOP: The State Department continues to drag its feet on document requests pertaining to @HillaryClinton:


@Reince: Thx! RT @ScottWalker: My friend @Reince has done any amazing job leading the #RNC. We need to keep him! @GOP

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