Mercer County Chair Criticizes Pay Raises for County Executive, Freeholders and Officials

Urges citizens to attend monthly freeholder meeting next Thursday, February 11th


Responding to Mercer County Executive Brian Hughes' justification for his
post-election 4% raise -- our salaries have been "flat for several years",
Mercer County Republican Chair and Hughes election opponent Lisa M.
Richford, Esq., retorted: "So has your performance!" 

"Acting as though the Mercer County's taxpayers owe their Executive and Freeholders a subsidy
against one of the Nation's slowest recession recoveries, my former
opponent and his cohorts barely waited for the inaugural champagne glasses
to go flat before announcing their new salaries."said the Mercer County Republican Committee chair, who ran against Hughes for the County Executive position this past November. 

Richford, after receiving spontaneous social media outrage from community leaders in
all parts of the County announced her broader call to arms. She is asking
Mercer Republicans, Independents and, yes, Democrats to sound off against
such selfishness and poor judgment, not just on Facebook and Twitter, but in
that old fashion IOWA format: a public meeting.

"Those of us who continually wonder why out taxes keep going up, ought to show up on February
11 at 6:00 p.m. at the 640 South Broad Street, Trenton, NJ, Room 211 to
confront Mr. Hughes and the Freeholders," she said. 

"Let their all Democrat elected officials know that they do not have a license to help themselves to our
money. Let them know that we are watching and we are not going to let this slip by."


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