County hired Richard McClellan

P R E S S   R E L E A S E – Richard McClellan

“Just wrong on so many levels.   Call it what you may but it appears that Brian Hughes just hired his  campaign manager at the taxpayers expense.”   “I don’t care what title they gave him, you need to call a spade a spade here and stop insulting the intelligence of the residents of Mercer County.”

Rich McClellan, the former Mercer County Democratic Chairman and Campaign Manager for numerous County Democratic campaigns during the last 15 years and in between his employment from the township and the county he was appointed for several years on the Delaware Bridge Commission,    was just hired as a full time employee by Mercer County Executive Brian Hughes.  “It is my understanding that Salary and benefits will put the total cost in excess of $ 100,000.00”.   

“ This hiring puts the cost on the backs of the already heavily taxed Mercer County taxpayers, rather than being paid through Brian Hughes campaign coffers which would be the moral thing to do” noted GOP County Executive candidate Lisa Richford. 

“Further, the latest ELEC election report (submitted 5/22/15) show that Hughes has accumulated over $196,000 in total receipts to date, with much of this money coming from special interest groups, Mercer County department heads and vendors that do considerable business with Mercer County Government. Surely, he has and will be collecting enough money from his political friends to pay McClellan’s compensation and leave plenty left over for the upcoming campaign.” Richford added.

In McClellan’s last official government job in Mercer County, the Hamilton Township Council terminated him as Confidential Aide to former Hamilton mayor Glen Gilmore.  Prior to this, both Gilmore and McClellan were involved in controversy for failing to provide the Hamilton township council majority with a timely filed AFS document “Annual Financial Statement”, intending  to provide the information after Gilmore’s election campaign.  Gilmore was subsequently taken to court and a judge ruled and ordered  he had to provide the document immediately. This disclosed a $ 5 million deficit for the prior year, and ultimately, a $ 14.7 million deficit in total was being hidden from the Council and the public. This led to the Hamilton Township municipal government being subjected to NJ state supervision.

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